August, 2019

Aug 28

You Think You’ve Experienced Hail Damage — Now What?

While the weather in Northern Virginia is usually fairly moderate, lately we’ve been experiencing strong winds and storms that seem to blow in out of nowhere and bring with them hail ranging in size from pennies to baseballs. According to NASA, “hail is formed in the updraft of a thunderstorm, when the wind carries water well above freezing level. The rain freezes, and becomes larger as large hail stones stick together, becoming so heavy […]

by Douglas Toler
Aug 20

Hiring Your Roofing Company to Install Your New Windows is a Smart Move

At some point, your residence or commercial business is going to need upgrades other than a new roof, such as new windows (or replacement siding, gutter repairs, or a fresh coat of paint). You may be surprised to learn that hiring your roofing company to install your windows can be a wise move that will save you both time and money. If your roofer has expertise in replacing and installing new windows, you won’t […]

by Douglas Toler