Roof Maintenance

Oct 17

What You Need to Know About Proper Roof Ventilation

The need for roof ventilation wasn’t documented until the early- to mid-20th century when the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Engineers recognized that building condensation problems could be caused by poor roof ventilation. Today, not only is ventilation recommended for your home, it is also required. Proper attic ventilation is important to the protection of your home and your comfort year-round — but especially throughout the cold months as it protects your […]

by Douglas Toler
Oct 01
Cleaning Gutters

Prepping Your Roof for the Fall Months

Between now and the first freeze of winter, there are steps you can take to prepare your roof for the upcoming bad weather and to maintain the life of your roof. The first is to clean your gutters. You might be surprised at how much debris can collect on your roof and in your gutters during the spring and summer months. Overtime, when leaves, twigs and other debris pile up in your gutter system, […]

by Douglas Toler
Sep 16

Should You Repair Your Old Roof or Sell Your Home As-is?

If you’re thinking about selling your home, knowing when to replace your roof is critical. To help you, here are some factors to consider. First, when buyers are paying a premium price for homes, they expect to receive a pristine property in return. And, according to a recent study of Millennial buyers, around half of them are looking for move-in ready homes that won’t require any kind of maintenance for at least the next […]

by Douglas Toler
Aug 28

You Think You’ve Experienced Hail Damage — Now What?

While the weather in Northern Virginia is usually fairly moderate, lately we’ve been experiencing strong winds and storms that seem to blow in out of nowhere and bring with them hail ranging in size from pennies to baseballs. According to NASA, “hail is formed in the updraft of a thunderstorm, when the wind carries water well above freezing level. The rain freezes, and becomes larger as large hail stones stick together, becoming so heavy […]

by Douglas Toler
Jul 30

What You Should Know About Cleaning Your Roof

Did you know that one of the most important steps of roof maintenance is roof cleaning? The benefits of roof cleaning are many and include extending the life of your roof, helping the roof stay functional for a longer period of time and preventing decay, which could lead to expensive repairs or even a complete roof replacement. Here are few tips to consider about roof cleaning before you hire a contractor or start on […]

by Douglas Toler