Dec 18

Common Causes of Winter House Fires

Although fires at home can occur during any season of the year, they are most common in the winter — primarily because people are spending more time indoors and using more appliances and equipment that can lead to unexpected fires. Fortunately, most of the time, winter house fires are preventable, but it’s a good idea to be familiar with the common causes of house fires during the coldest season of the year. And, always […]

by Douglas Toler
Nov 06

Finding and Eliminating Drafts in Your Home

Before Old Man Winter arrives and temperatures start to drop, you may want to check your home for any drafts. According to the Department of Energy, drafts caused by air leaks in your home can increase your energy bill from 5% to 30%! Not only do drafts allow expensively heated or cooled air to escape, but they also cause uncomfortable drafts. Drafts, or air leaks, can come into your home through windows, doors, fireplaces, […]

by Douglas Toler
Jun 25

Before You Hire a Roofing Contractor, Ask These 12 Questions

We all hope we are choosing a roofing contractor who is honest and will do a professional job as promised, yet sadly, each year, the Better Business Bureau receives thousands of complaints about roofing contractors and their dishonest, deceptive practices. At Storm Guard Roofing and Construction of Chantilly, we believe that, when evaluating roofing contractors, it is extremely important to be informed and to get answers to several general business questions from a prospective […]

by Douglas Toler
Apr 29

Summer Heat and How It Affects Your Roof

When a long, frigid winter is finally behind you and summer is coming up, the last thing you want to think about is what impact the changing seasons may have on your roof. Winter can cause the most damage to your roof, but summer’s heat has its own threats that can cause problems. Summer storms and wind damage, heat degrading the materials, UV damage from sunlight and thermal shock as temperatures fluctuate from day […]

by Storm Guard
Mar 20
The Benefits of Shingles Over Metal Roofs

The Benefits of Shingles Over Metal Roofs

The Benefits of Shingles Over Metal Roofs Getting a new roof is one of those unavoidable expenses for homeowners, landlords and investors. Unless you buy another property and sell your home within a few years, replacing the roof will likely generate one of the biggest upkeep expenses you’ll ever face. That’s why so many people choose shingles because they’re a more affordable option than a metal roof. Shingle roofs rank as the most popular […]

by Storm Guard
Feb 12

Check Out These Six Easy Home Repair Jobs to Beat Those Winter Blues

There’s just no denying that this post-holiday, frigid, and dismal period during the first quarter of the year is a drag. The lack of natural sunlight can cause a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and result in depression, the weather is often unrelenting, and the news is pretty dreary in general. One of the best ways to clear away the winter blues is to get busy, and there’s no better way than to choose a few moderate home repair jobs and […]

by Storm Guard