Finding and Eliminating Drafts in Your Home

Before Old Man Winter arrives and temperatures start to drop, you may want to check your home for any drafts.

According to the Department of Energy, drafts caused by air leaks in your home can increase your energy bill from 5% to 30%! Not only do drafts allow expensively heated or cooled air to escape, but they also cause uncomfortable drafts. Drafts, or air leaks, can come into your home through windows, doors, fireplaces, vents and even electrical outlets.

Here are a few tips to help you check for drafts in your home and some easy solutions to fix the problem.


To check if your windows are leaking air, simply take a lit candle and hold it up to the edges of the window. If the flame flickers or is blown out, you likely have a draft problem with your windows. The first quick fix is to make sure the windows are securely locked. If, after locking, there are still drafts, you may want to reseal your windows. However, if your windows are over 15 years old, you may actually need to replace your windows.


The damper inside your chimney is meant to keep the cold air out, but dampers are typically made of cast iron and don’t entirely keep the cold away. One way to stop drafts from fireplaces is to insert a piece of thick foam insulation covered with decorative fabric in the fireplace opening when you are not using the fireplace.

Dryer Vents

Clothing dryers are connected to a duct that goes directly outside — creating easy access for cold air to seep in. You can purchase a clothes dryer vent seal to keep the duct closed and prevent drafts whenever the dryer is not in use.

Electrical Outlets

You may be surprised by how much of a draft can leak through an electrical outlet. A simple way to check outlets for drafts is the candle method again. When placing the lit candle in front of the outlet, if the candle flickers or if you feel the draft, you will want to get a special gasket that will eliminate the draft. You can find “draft-proofing” gaskets at your local hardware store.

Exterior Doors

The top and bottom spaces of exterior doors are a big source of drafts in a home. Take a look at the seal of the door. If the seal is cracked or peeling away from the frame, you should replace the seal. If you still feel a leak coming from the bottom of the door, a door sweep can help keep drafts out.

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