Replacing Windows in the Winter Can Save You Time and Reduce Your Energy Bill

Yes, the spring and summer are good times for replacing windows, but when done by a professional installer, windows can be replaced in the winter months too.

The benefit of replacing windows in the “off” season is that you will most likely have a reduced wait time to get your project completed. In general, the wait times for receiving and installing windows are much shorter in the winter and installers have more availability in their schedules. If your existing windows are especially drafty, replacing your windows even when it’s cold out, can save you time and reduce your energy bill.

When working with a professional window contractor, such as Storm Guard, we will install one window at a time. This means that your home is only exposed to the weather in small areas for a very short time. If we’re installing a larger window, we will cover the width of the opening with floor-to-ceiling plastic to help keep drafts out while the installation is in progress and to keep the rest of your home nice and warm.

Winter months are even better for making sure any problem areas are fixed and sealed properly. In the winter, installers can see signs of moisture from recent leaks and can quickly identify where the problem is coming from. Typically, 10%-25% of a home’s heat escapes through drafty windows.

The success and longevity of your window replacement project ultimately depend on the quality of the windows you buy and the correct installation. No matter how expensive or efficient your windows are, they won’t last long or protect your home if they aren’t installed correctly to ensure that no water or moisture enters. A properly executed window installation is effective regardless of when the windows are installed.

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