Why Trust is Often More Important Than Price

Today’s world is getting larger, more complex and impersonal. Not that long ago, the average consumer personally knew the businesses with which they were exchanging money and services. They might have been a neighbor or cousins of cousins.

Today, however, consumers are bombarded with options from all sides. What was once a choice between a few competitors is now a choice of dozens and even hundreds of companies. All of this has consumers focusing more on trust before making a final purchasing decision.

A more thoughtful and thorough process is going into buying, and people are doing research about the choices they are making.

Of course pricing plays an important role in decision-making and the Internet makes it easier than ever to compare pricing between competitors. Yet, the one factor that is common to all purchasing decisions is trust, not price. Trust that the company will live up to its promises, provide the product or service it said it would, and not let you — the customer — down.

According to McCrindle Market Research, “Trust is the one thing that carries across all consumer generations. It’s universal. It’s the one feature that cuts through all aspects, generations and cultures.”

Trusting a Roofer

When hiring a roofing contractor, it is important to trust that roofer — 100 percent. They will be responsible for the part of your home that protects everything you own and love. But, how do you do that?

The roofing/construction industry can be a bit intimidating for anyone who is not in the industry, so it is smart to educate yourself about the roofing process first – even just a little bit. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to have better conversations with your contractor, build trust with them faster, and protect your investment for years to come.

Verify to Build Trust

Like any personal or professional relationship, it takes time to build trust, which is why you should personally Interview your potential contractor. Think of it as hiring an employee (essentially you are, just part-time with no benefits). You want to be sure you have a good connection. And, if you didn’t do this in advance of the interview, now is the perfect time to verify the credibility of the contractor. So, before making any final decisions, be sure to:

  • Ask for proof of license
  • Ask for proof of workers compensation insurance and liability protection
  • Ask for customer testimonials
  • Ask for industry certifications, awards, and recognition
  • Ask how long the roofer has been in business.

Get It in Writing

Once you are comfortable with the answers to your questions and have asked for a quote, it is important to carefully examine the bid quotes and then the final contract before signing. Look for a scope of work that describes exactly what you and your roofer discussed as the best solution and a contractor who provides enough information for you to make an intelligent, informed decision.

Local, Community-Minded

Ultimately, you must trust your roofer with what could be a potentially expensive project. To trust a roofer with that level of financial commitment, it is wise to choose a local, community-minded contractor, one with a physical address close to you.

We Put the Customer First

Storm Guard Roofing and Construction has a five-star reputation for building trust and putting the customer first. We have the best people, systems and processes to safeguard your trust and to consistently deliver on our promises. If you have any roofing, construction, painting or window installation questions, please contact the specialists at Storm Guard Roofing & Construction of Chantilly. Contact us today at 703-421-7340 or email us at dtoler@stormguardrc.com.