You Think You’ve Experienced Hail Damage — Now What?

While the weather in Northern Virginia is usually fairly moderate, lately we’ve been experiencing strong winds and storms that seem to blow in out of nowhere and bring with them hail ranging in size from pennies to baseballs.

According to NASA, “hail is formed in the updraft of a thunderstorm, when the wind carries water well above freezing level. The rain freezes, and becomes larger as large hail stones stick together, becoming so heavy they fall from the sky.”

More often than not, homeowners are not aware of hail damage to their roofs. Hail damage to roofs can be difficult to see from the ground, and that’s a big reason why hail damage hardly ever crosses a homeowner’s mind. On average, it takes a 1″ or above diameter hail stone (about the size of a quarter) to cause damage to most roofs. Although you cannot see the amount of hail damage from the ground, there are a few signs that can help determine if you may have experienced hail damage to your roof.

Here is what to look for:

1. Look for dented gutters, gutter screens, or downspouts — many times, if a roof has significant hail damage up top, the gutters will have some impact damage as well.

2. Look for damage to siding and windowsills and casings, such as dents, dings or other signs of impact — these are places where, if there’s damage to the roof, there will most likely be damage to these things as well.

3. Look for damage to air conditioners or other outdoor items (sheds, patio covers, porches, decks, etc.) — in addition to indicating hail damage on the roof, a damaged air conditioner may also qualify for an insurance replacement.

4. Look for damage to decks or painted wood surfaces — if you see chipped paint, it may be the result of hail impact.

If you’re a homeowner and you think you may have hail damage, the first thing you should do is call a professional contractor for a free exterior home inspection so that all areas can be assessed for damage. If the contractor thinks you may have damage, your next step would be to file an insurance claim with your homeowner’s insurance company.

Determining if your insurance will pay for a new roof depends on your policy and who you have on your team. A trained professional can determine whether the damage is functional or cosmetic in nature. Storm Guard offers a no-obligation exterior property assessment to determine if your home has experienced any hail damage. If damage is found, Storm Guard will also walk you through the claims process step by step. You can count on Storm Guard for all your roofing and exterior construction needs. Contact Storm Guard Roofing and Construction of Chantilly to schedule your FREE, no-obligation roof inspection today or call us now at 703-421-7340!